all projects (2019–)

client: elinor silow
category: website
year: 2023

website for stockholm-based artist elinor silow

title: snön är ett värmande täcke
client: untitled collective
category: identity
year: 2023

printed matter, posters and banner for the exhibition snön är ett värmande täcke in judarskogen outside stockholm.

title: lm city
client: self-initiated
category: books
year: 2022

bfa project in graphic design & illustration at konstfack university of arts, crafts and design

title: new dimensions
client: marabouparken
category: identity, lettering
year: 2020
printed matter and posters for the exhibition new dimensions at marabouparkens konsthall in stockholm. designed together with vanja ivarsson and mikaela cederholm.

title: c-print future watch issue
client: c-print
category: editorial
year: 2021
editorial design for c-print future watch issue

title: internship studio liljemärker
client: mondial, fri tanke
category: books
year: 2020

håkan liljemärker is one of the most prominent book designers in sweden. his client list include norstedts, natur och kultur, mondial, fri tanke among others. during my internship at his studio i got the opportunity to work with a few upcoming titles.

samlad värk is a bundle of selected works by journalist and writer johan croneman. the blue color is the identical blue as sported by football team ifk norrköping, croneman’s favourite football team since childhood. the broken arrows on the front cover works as a metaphor for the fragileness surrounding his work. croneman is no stranger of showcasing his vulnerability while also being known to write slightly provocative texts. he often faces critique while also being a constant source of critique himself. therefore the arrows are being shot in both directions.

for galileos misstag by philip goff (galileo’s error). I wanted to create a tension between the abstract artwork and the typography where i used a typeface inspired by the early drawings of futura by paul renner, while further emphasising the retro-futuristic bauhaus era by only using small caps.

title: filmpodium
client: filmpodium, zürich
category: posters
year: 2021

posters for the stummfilmfestival at filmpodium in zürich. designed during my exchange semester at zhdk.

title: frigörande dans i mindfulness
client: anne järvi
category: identity
year: 2020

my main goal with this project was to empower my mom in her work as a dance teacher. I gave her a functional visual identity, printing multiple pieces of paper of different color palettes with the logo (typeface in use: euphoria by janik sandbothe).

my mom insisted on putting a lot of information om these flyers and since she has a beautiful handwriting, I encouraged her to use it. resulting in these flyers that plays on the aesthetic of handwritten notes on message boards outside of the local grocery store. It turned out pretty cute in the end.

title: wsp visual

client: wsp
category: misc

VR-experiences for WSP Visual. At WSP Visual we developed VR models of future project sites as a way of visualising future development. Our main goal was to make VR usable for the engineers working on the projects, enabling them to use VR as a way of experiencing the ongoing design in real world scale.